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You may be required to have a termite inspection

Often times your lender will require a termite inspections to be performed. The reason for this is to learn if there is an active infestation, a past infestation that has been treated or no sign of activity at all. The inspector knows where to look and detect signs of pests.


Our termite inspections are conducted by a third party who is a specialist in pest inspections.

Detect all wood boring insects

Even though termites are ground insects, the inspector will be examining all parts of the house looking for other wood boring insects like carpenter ants and carpenter bees. These intruders can find their way into all parts of the home including the attic.

Termite extermination

Termite infestations can be treated in a number of different ways - by destroying the existing colony, creating a barrier around the structure or both. Your termite inspector will be able to advise you on available measures that can be taken and associated costs based on specific details of the infestation.

Other inspections may be needed

Your termite inspection typically only deals with the detection of wood boring insects. To discover if the home contains mold, radon, lead or pest infestations not of the wood boring type, additional tests and inspections will need to be performed.

Termites on wood Destroyed wood plank Destroyed wall