Mold inspection will reveal spore levels

Mold creates spores to reproduce and those spores waft through the air. When they come in contact with a moist surface, they will begin to grow and produce more spores. You are exposed to them every time you breathe.


The higher the concentration of surface mold becomes, the more spores will be airborne.

Inhaling spores can have severe effects

There are some molds like “black mold” that have more severe effects on us. They can cause a variety of health issues on everyone in the building. If the mold is not removed, these issues can become increasingly worse.

Health issues caused from mold exposure

- Respiratory problems and nausea

- Nasal and sinus congestion, aches and pains

- Persistent eye or skin irritation and balance issues

- Constant headaches, migraines, memory problems or mood changes

Mitigation methods can remove the mold

The inspection compares outdoor spore levels to the ones collected indoors to determine if they are elevated. The mold can then be located and mitigation can begin, if required. The cost of this varies from property to property depending what mitigation measures are necessary.

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